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CBT Accepting Grant Applications

The Council for Burley Tobacco is accepting grant applications for the 2015winter funding cycle. Deadline for the winter application period is 5:00 pm EST on Friday, January 2, 2015.

Projects should be geared to research, education, and promotion projects to benefit the burley tobacco industry. Requests from individuals/institutions not related to the burley industry will only be considered if there is a clear, significant benefit to the burley tobacco farmers or organizations.

Competitive funds may be used for research, education, and promotion related to the burley tobacco industry. Competitive funds may not be used to provide support for religious or political purposes; deficit financing; annual appeals; fundraising events; or nonprofit endowments. Capital requests that are only directly related to a priority program area may be considered.

Application information is on The Council for Burley Tobacco website under the Grants tab. All applications received after 5:00 pm EST on January 2, 2015 will be considered in the 2015 winter funding cycle.

The Council for Burley Tobacco represents the interests of the burley tobacco grower in all aspects of the industry. Grower membership is free, to join growers can visit the website and complete the online application.

To stay up to date on all burley tobacco issues be sure to visit The Council for Burley Tobacco website at and "Like" the Council for Burley Tobacco on Facebook at


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